How to measure food for a crowd

January 3, 2011

Pot Roast- 12-1/2 pounds for 25 servings
Ground Beef- 7 Pounds for 25 Servings
Baked Ham- 10 pound Boneless Ham for 25 Servings.
Chicken- 6 Whole Chickens for 24 Servings
Turkey- A 15 pound Turkey will feed 25 people
Turkey Roll- 7 pounds of turkey roll for 25 people

Fruit Salad- 2 quarts for 24 people
Potato Salad- 3 Quarts for 24 people
Vegetable Salad- 5 quarts for 25 people
Salad Dressing- 1 pint for 32 servings
(you may want more, cause this is only for 1 Tablespoon of dressing)

Lettuce-4 heads for 24 people

Mashed Potatoes- 7 pounds of raw potatoes for 25 people
Baked Potatoes- 25 small potatoes for 25 people (approximately 10 pounds)

Pasta & Rice:
Long Grain Rice- 1-1/2 cups uncooked rice for 24 people.
Spaghetti or Noodles- 2-1/2 pounds uncooked pasta for 25 people.


Coffee-Use 1 pound of coffee for 50 8 ounce servings.
Tea- Use 1 cup of Tea Leaves for 50 8 ounce servings.
Cream for Coffee- 1 pint for 25 servings.
Milk to Drink- Use 1-1/2 gallons for 24 8 ounce servings.

Cake- A 15-1/2 x 10-1/2 x 1 inch sheet cake will feed 24 people
This is usually what is considered 1/2 a sheet.
Ice Cream- 3 quarts of Ice Cream for 24 people.
Pie- Five 9″ Pies will serve 30 People.
Whipped Cream- 1 pint for 25 people.
(however, this is for small dollops)
Canned Fruit- A Seven Pound Can for 24 people


1/2 pound butter for 32 people (1 pat each)
(you may want to go with 1 pound of butter to be more generous)
Juice- two 46 ounce cans for 23 4 ounce servings
(I would go with four 46 ounce cans for larger serving)
Potato Chips- 32 ounces for 25 people
French Bread-
Two 18″ inch Loaves for 24 servings


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