“Straight from the shelves” Test drive: Hodgson Mill European Cheese & Herb bread mix

March 8, 2011

Walking through the aisles of my local supemarket I get to find this; a bread baking mix made by Hodgson Mill, and what really gets my attention is the fact that the label states (quite gutsy in a way) that it contains not only herbs but also the almighty and never dissapointing cheese, so I said: why not? let’s give it a try! although I’m not your typical ready mix kind of guy (usually go for King Arthur’s Flour bread flour) I decided to give this puppy a test drive, so here’s my process and ultimate results.

According to the box instructions it is simple to make, although it seems more or less like the company wants you to use this mix with a bread machine, something I don’t have to start with, so from here on it’s old school and that’s it! Knead by hand? -you crazy? crank up that old Cuisinart! I’m in no mood to sweat right now. So I just follow directions to build this puppy up by hand just like your ancestors did in the 1800’s but instead I push the fast forward button all the way to the 1970’s technology! (by the way; I’m pretty much sure my food processor is from 1979…Shhh don’t tell the Williams-Sonoma police!), anyways, so I do the mix just like the box says jadadadadada….

Now I’m drinking my 5pm espresso with no sugar while contemplating the magical powers of yeast acting up, my oven is not that well calibrated so…. box says 350? that means 400 for me, box says use a square bread pan? heck no! I’ll smack it on top of my pizza stone. Now I just have to sit around and wait 35 minutes to see if this thin actually is real bread, we’ll see…

Holy crap! this thing is actually bread! -smells like it, feels like it, but how does it taste? hmmmmmmmmmmmm let’s cut a slice!

-Not bad! not the best bread i’ve ever tasted but i can tell you this: better this than Wonder Bread!

– Add a dab of butter and I’m getting the hang of it. One thing’s for sure about this bread; Croutons made with this bread have to be pretty awesome. Now that I remember… the box called this contraption a “Cheese & Herb” bread, so where the fuck is the cheese here?

I know where it is! in my fridge! Swiss that is because if you get to find the cheese in this mix give me a holler ’cause I couldn’t find it. So, in a nutshell:

would I buy it again?  -probably no

Is it bad? – Not bad

Cheese? -fuck no!

Good for Croutons? – probably killer ones

Good for pizza? – Box says so, not me.

Good for sanwiches? – Actually the sanwiches came out pretty awesome with this bread.

So go ahead guys give it a try and let me know how it goes. Bye!

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